Ariadne IO A wireless hardware and software IoT project that monitors multiple streams of realtime data from a sailboat. Access historical data remotely or on board. Custom hardware sensors built and coded by me. Motor data is captured from a reversed engineered proprietary transmission protocol. Check out the github repo for a tutorial of how I put the project together. Built with Node.JS, React, Express, and Mongo.

Shipwreck Locator Search, locate, and find information for 17,000+ shipwrecks in United States territorial and surrounding waters. Built from 2 large Excel spreadsheets found on the NOAA website. The data was parsed, organized, and imported into MongoDB. Built with Node.js, Express, and Mongo. Mapping is via Leaflet.

Tidal Harmonies A visual and auditory deconstruction of the energy harmonics that create the tides. Search anywhere on Earth for a breakdown of that locations harmonics. Built with Node.js, Express, Mongo, jQuery, and HTML5.

Craigslist Scrape & Graph Scrape Los Angeles for sale listings and get an up to date visual overview of prices and averages. Built with React, Node.js, Express, and Mongo.