Tarawa Darkroom
For over 10 years I’ve worked as a photographer, videographer, and artist. Since childhood my passions have been photography and computer science. As a professional photographer I did everything from studio product photography to documentary video. I’ve worked with teams in controlled studio environments and independently in some very remote locations. In 2013 I received a Fulbright Scholarship to the Pacific Island Nation of Kiribati to document the effects of climate change and the policies of land use. I also received an additional grant from the Department of State to teach photography. After weeks of looking, I found an old darkroom and restored it back to working condition and began teaching classes. The Fulbright experience led me to a search for a way to use my technical skills to be of more service to others. With my solid computer science fundamentals, I enrolled in the UCLA coding bootcamp and excelled. My goal is to find more mission and less ambition in my work. As I transition into a career as a developer, I’m excited to work in a team building things and solving problems.